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Penang Famous Hawker Food :: Cheapest Price

Super duper damn long of this post. Finally I kicked out my laziness and come up with this. Many pictures were presented here and kindly enjoy yourself :) Although the pictures resolution are not very well but I hope that it is informative enough for your next food hunt in Penang! 

Let's get start!

Raja Uda Yam Rice
Address : Hong Keat Coffee Shop, Jalan Raja Uda ( Same row with RHB Bank)
Opening Hours : Daily 10.30am to 2.30pm
Price: From RM6 / USD 2.00 / SGD 2.50 per person

The first day of our lunch --Yam Rice in town! I have thought to try this since long time ago because I am Yam's super fans! The rice is sticky, with non-overly sweet taste, full with yam's aroma which is the significant  trademark of it. It complimented well with the salted vegetable soup with pig innards(猪什咸菜汤)and brings up the delightful taste.

30 cents Lok Lok

Address : Beside Raja Uda Road
Opening Hours : 3pm Sharp
Price : 30 cents per cucuk

When you can't get enough for your lunch or maybe you are in super duper hunger condition, I would recommend you to try out the 30 cents lok lok in Raja Uda. It just locates beside the main Raja Uda road and start business at 3pm sharp. So before 3pm you could see many people waiting beside the road. Alot of choices can be made and most important is tis cheap price. Nowadays you are hard to find such a cheap lok lok in Malaysia. I heard that the Uncle selling lok lok with 30 cents since long time ago and he never eaise the its price. That's why you won't wonder about to see a lot people are willing to wait and under the hot sun, or buy in a bunch quantity and go home.


Great Wellesley Restaurant (大威茶餐室)

Address: Jalan Kurau, Perai, Penang 13700 ( Chai Leng Park )
Opening Hours: About 6pm
Price: -

So at the night time, we headed to Chai Leng Park for our din. There is a Chinese food court named Great Wellesley and you must try their Fried Rice as well as Fried Oyster. I tried their Sambal Belanca Fried Rice and Fried Oyster...Two thumbs up for both! Yes it is fried rice, but it has a huge different with the normal fried rice since it doesn't mix anything together and you gotta eat them separately like the picture as shown as below. and also the Ah Pom with 30 cents per piece..

Chulia Street

One of the famous Penang Street Food which provides you various types of inexpensive meal. You could find the food just along the street.

For the supper time, we went Chulia Street and looking for some junk food. We found 芋头糕 & 萝卜糕 which is one of the famous food in Chulia Street. On top of that, you gotta try out Wan Tan Mee which is very well known on that street ( You could see my friend even finish the sauce as well ). I would suggest that you go for night since the stall will be opened during night time. 

The fresh fried carrot 'cake'
The fresh fried yam 'cake'

Famous Wan Tan Mee

Love Lane Ice Ball

You can reach Love Lane by taking the Rapid Penang Free Shuttle Bus to Station No.6 (Museum), and then walking a short distance from Farquhar Street to Love Lane.
But I would prefer randomly walk because you may surprisingly found some artwork nearby there.

Probably you will never seen this ball before in your life time but your parents would be very familiar with it. Yes this is absolutely their childhood junk food, and I named it " THE BALL" =..='' I found this in LOVE LANE, an street art. This ice ball is mixing with all kinds of different juice especially SARSI is the classic one, or now you can mix with REBENA, ORANGE JUICE or even APPLE JUICE. There is a trick to eat this ball by sucking the deep color part of the ball to prevent the ice melt. Yes, just suck it at the deep color part. XD

The ice ball making process

There was a long queue of people just to snap pic with the bro and sis. Very famous artistic wall. And I have chosen some of the unfamous one to take picture with. No need to rebut with people hahaha.

Lebuh Cecil Market Hawker Center
Address : Lebuh Cecil
Opening Hours : Daily 11am to 7pm
Price : Below RM5 / USD1.50 / SGD2 per person

Lebuh Cecil Market is another famous hawker center which offer you the cheapest food in town. I have done some research about this place and found that the most recommended food would be Pasembur. Pasembur is an Indian salad consisting of potatoes, prawn fritters, spicy fried crab, veges and other seafood serve with a sweet and spicy nut sauce.

Curry Mee


Duck Egg Chau Kuoy Teoh

Lebuh Presgrave Teochew Cendol

Address: Lebuh Presgrave
Opening Hours: Daily 5pm to 11pm
Price: Below RM5/ 1.5 USD/ SGD2 per person

I would strongly recommend that you should have your Cendol at this roadside stall which locates at Lebuh Presgrave. I like their red beans seriously. The first time ever I wish to have more red beans in my cendol as I used to eliminate the red beans in cendol from my hometown. But I heard that the best cendol would be in Penang Road, too bad I never try before so can't compare both of them. 

Their Ice Kacang not bad as well. But not as good as Cendol somehow.There is a scoop of ice cream being placed on top of the ice kacang. Do remember to request for that.

Ban Chang Kuih ( Pancake )

Address : Anson road, in front of Lok Pin Coffee Shop, roadside stall
Opening Hours : Close on Monday, 12pm till 5pm
Price : According to you special plus

Ban Chang Kuih, also named as Pancake can be found in front of Lok Pin Coffee Shop, Anson road. A roadside stall with an old yet professional uncle selling delicious Ban Chang Kuih. He is very strict in quality assurance of his Kuih. That's why you can see a lot people buying from him. *He never stingy on the peanuts and corns added*

Chicken Floss

Normal Corns

James Foo Western Restaurant

Address : All Seasons Place, Bandar Baru Air Itam, Penang ( At Lebuhraya Thean Teik )
Opening Hours : 5pm to 11.30pm
Price : - ( NO Service and Government Charges )

Another western restaurant I would recommend to you due to its reasonable price. I have heard my friend saying that the restaurant provide large portion yet cheaper price if compare to others. After trying it never disappointing me. Large portion which cost me about MYR 11++ .

At the night time, we went LIBRARY for 'studying' purpose which is located at Paragon Mall. There was a live band until 12 midnight and sang a lot great songs. I still could remember the last song they played was ' When I was your man'.

Chew Jetty Home Stay

Address : 59A, Chew Jetty, Weld Quay, 10300 George Town, Penang, Malaysia.

Another beautiful place that we have visited. There are a list of Can Jetties at Weld Quay like Chew Jetty, Lee Jetty, Lim Jetty, Tan Jettly and so on. We didn't visit all the Jetty but just some of it. The most impressive was Lee's Jetty since it was so happening and colorful by seeing through the picture. It was very beautiful night just like you are celebrating Chinese New Year when you walk along their street.

May Flower Pastry Centre Moo Moo Cake

Address : 42, Lebih Kurau Tiga, Chai Leng Park, 13700 Penang, Malaysia
Telephone No. : 04-3906691
Price : RM12.80

Have you ever heard about famous Moo Moo Cake? Yes it is super creamy delicious Swiss roll that you should try once in your life time. No icing or overly sweet taste, but full with butter's aroma that makes you couldn't stop eating it. But have to be careful that it must be kept inside fridge to maintain the freshness and shouldn't expose under the sun or hot environment, or else the taste will turn weird.

Macaroon is my all time favourite. However the taste of the macaroon is just normal only. Not really outstanding enough to buy for second time.

Village Coffee Shop (乡下鱼头米粉 )

Address: 107-A Weld Quay, 10300 Georgetown, Penang. (Near 姓氏桥)
Telephone No.+6019-4588693
Opening Hours: 11.30am - 10.00pm 初一十五休息

Yay! A must try Village Fish Head Bee Hoon that you should never missed out during your visitation of Penang. There are also Lo Bak which is another famous food that you must be tried out. Seriously, couldn't brain how they can create such a heavenly food in this world especially the taste of the Tom Yam Soup, I would recommend on that.

The famous Lo Bak
Spicy Tom Yam Soup

After ate spicy Tom Yam Fish Head Bee Hoon, try the Ai Yuk Bing ( in Chinese ), that helps you to ease the heat in your tongue. It just a roadside stall which locates nearby the village fish head bee hoon. A lot people were enjoying it by the road side during the time I bought, seems like quite famous in Penang.

So a lot of places we have gone through and finally come to the end of this post. It is quite tiring to write a review especially for hawker stall one since Penang have too many nice and cheap hawker food. Thanks for reading. Hope this post could help you out a little bit. By the way, not gonna post where I have visited in Penang since I am worried about the blog post will be too long and turns boring. HAHHAHA Hope you do enjoy it ! That's the end of my Penang vacation blog post. :)

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